Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Remembering Brody today on this National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Although I certainly don't need a special day - I think of him EVERY day! Every time I see his pics around the house, feel the stretch marks on my skin, touch my necklace with his name, walk past the baby department at the store, see other peoples babies and wonder - how old are they? would Brody have been that size by now?
Every time I see that look in Jeremiah's eyes, hear the name Brody called by another parent to their son, teach a child to play piano or see children grow and learn, hear certain songs on the radio... on and on.

I say all this with some pain yes, but moreover with gratitude. I wouldn't trade all the heart ache for the simple fact that I got to hold another life in mine. That God chose us to be his parents. Chose us to carry a burden perhaps, but a blessing in the end.

Thank you God for giving us Brody! It has been an exhausting, heart wrenching journey, but it changed our lives in so many ways - for the better. We will now try to wait patiently until we get to see you again - knowing you are safe in our Heavenly Father's arms, and perhaps playing with so many other sweet babies who didn't stay here long.

And while we wait... we also pray... that God might grant us a brother or sister (or both!) whether biological, adopted, fostered.... we pray!