Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Been too long...

Silence speaks.

Sometimes its hard to speak, write, reflect. My silence on here lately could make you think a variety of things - and many may be true. It's true that sometimes I'm so upset, mad even, that I can't share. Sometimes life is simply too busy. Sometimes I worry people will tire of my talking about Brody. Sometimes I'm fine and full of hope for the future - but worry it will seem as though I've "moved on".

I have made some posts on Facebook some of which I called #BrodyBits and #MemoryMonday.

Here's one from just 6 weeks postpartum:

6 weeks ago I met my son and kissed him goodbye. Sometimes it doesn't feel real. He was only here for 40 weeks and 2 days. People ask how I'm doing and I say "ok", but part of me is gone. I miss you so much Brody! Having a hard time going to bed tonight. I am "ok" though... and ultimately grateful for Brody, my perfect son, a beautiful gift. I just wish I could hold him tonight... and share pics of his first this or that... and complain about sleepless nights or endless poopy diapers. :) At least I know my boy is safe and happy in Jesus' arms and that he has impacted me and countless others for good. 
Ok, to bed I go. Mommy loves you Brody Micah! 

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