Wednesday, December 10, 2014

thoughts from April 8th

from a Facebook post back in April:

So I was doing great the past few days... then Sunday night our families were talking about Easter plans and I just went downhill. It occurred to me how hard that day will be as we watch our nieces and nephews hunt for eggs, take pics in their cute outfits, etc and then I'll really miss Brody and wish he was there to pass around to the family. Anyway, so Monday was rough, and of course gray and rainy too! But then John and LouAnn Mohler saved the day! :) They had my parents and Jeremiah over for dinner and "slime licker". Great food, conversation, and laughs which pulled me out of my funk. I know its ok to have seasons of grief, unexpected ups and downs. Thankful that our God is always the same faithful God in spite of my ever changing feelings!

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