Saturday, November 9, 2013


Nov 6th 2013, our 3rd wedding anniversary!!! Jeremiah I love you more than my feeble words could express…
Wednesdays. It was a Wednesday, five weeks ago now, that we started our new “normal”. Baby Brody Micah became ever so precious to us in these days in the womb. Every Wednesday since then has been rough for me, for us both. But today is our anniversary! I think back to how God brought me home from France, led me to First Baptist Church (thank you Harvey and Juli!), and allowed me to meet this wonderful man, Jeremiah. “Want to come play soccer with us?” “Want to be on my volleyball team?” “What are you doing for lunch today?”  A few questions that he asked that led us to a wonderful friendship and soon deep love. Ours was a “quick” romance in the eyes of some. Started dating March 2013, engaged July 2010, married November 2010! When you know… :)
We’ve had our share of joys and pains… especially this year. The morning we were leaving for the airport to go to France I was so excited to return to my second home and family and even more excited to introduce them all to Miah. However, I was preoccupied. Even with the pressure of getting ready on time and making sure we had everything packed, “do you have the passports?!” I knew I needed to take a minute to take a test. Positive! Wait… let’s take another… positive! Hmm… how bout one more… positive! I left the three pregnancy strips on the counter and hopped in the shower. Could it really be true? I mean, surely three tests says it all! A few tears escaped my eyes and mixed with the hot water and soap, it felt surreal. Shower done and Miah gets up. He looks at the counter and we say nothing. He looks at me in disbelief – no really, he really didn’t believe it! We were told our odds were so little and I think he just couldn’t let his heart go there yet.
We called the doctor’s office from the airport to make an appointment for the day after we got home. The entire trip, though it was wonderful, I was distracted. We felt so blessed to be there and yet an urgency to get home and get the blood test to find out “for sure”. And it was! My sweet nurse practitioner came back in the exam room, knowing our desires and difficulties, and with a big smile and hand shake said “congratulations!!!”  The days that followed were a blur of excitement and surrealism.
Today, I still feel that sense of surrealism. There is a little life inside of me. God placed him there and breathed him into existence – knowing his form before the foundations of the earth. Yes, He knew his form would include Anencephaly. He knew he would not survive. He knew how we would struggle and suffer. He knew how this seeming tragedy could be used for such a greater good.

So today Jeremiah on this anniversary, a Wednesday, I celebrate life. I celebrate yours and how God grew you into the man you are today. I celebrate mine and how He made me who I am and brought me to you at the right time. I celebrate Brody’s and how his short months safe in my womb will make a greater impact on the world than perhaps you or I could ever hope for from our own lives. And most importantly I celebrate Christ, whose life and death and resurrection brought hope to a dying world, joy to those who suffer, and light to every dark Wednesday.

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