Saturday, November 9, 2013

His name

Brody Micah Whitsel
Three weeks ago we found out some devastating news as most of you know. It immediately became important to us to name our boy and quickly since we only have a few months left with him. As we’ve stated, we still believe he is our miracle boy and we want to enjoy every moment he continues to grow within me and every minute God gives us to hold him until he goes straight back into God’s arms.
Brody is a name Jeremiah has wanted since before we knew he was a boy, and Micah randomly popped in my head during the ultrasound. We didn’t know anything was wrong yet and we heard the heartbeat and could even see it on the monitor. I wasn’t even thinking about names, but there it was – Micah. One of my brothers is really into the meaning of the name, partially because of the culture of the country he’s living in. So I felt a little pressure to have some sort of great meaning. :)  We found out Micah means “Who is like our God”. Perfect! In the pain and confusion of this road we’re on, it is truly only God who sustains us and gives us hope and meaning and purpose. Who is like our God?! Brody… well, it comes from a Gaelic name which means… ditch. Haha! Oh no! Can we still use it?! Of course. And Jeremiah had a good thought… when you’re in life’s ditch, who is like our God?!

We are excited to share his name with you, and hopefully you will pray with us for him by name – that he will continue to be a light that points us to our God! :)

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