Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Baby

I wrote this the day we found out we were pregnant with the intention of writing several notes that we would one day give to our child...

To baby,
Two weeks ago I got up and got ready to leave for the airport for a missions trip to France. I had a feeling though and wanted to know before we left so I took a test – positive!!! So I took another – positive!!! And yes, I took another! – POSITIVE!!!  I was so excited I could hardly believe it! Your daddy and I have been praying for you and even struggled with doubt as to whether it would happen or not. I always knew you would come at the right time, but sometimes it was hard waiting.
The whole time we were in France I was excited and a little anxious. Though I had been looking forward to that trip for so very long, I found myself anxious to go home so I could go to the Dr and confirm everything as well as start doing whatever I needed to do!
We flew home yesterday and didn’t get home till after midnight, but though I was tired I got up this morning and went to the Dr.’s office. They confirmed that I was indeed pregnant with you! Ahhh!!! I still can hardly believe it. I’ve been praying and praying, and now that it’s happening – I continue to pray!
First I thank God for giving us you! Secondly I pray that you will grow inside of me in good health and exactly how God wants you to grow. I pray that you will stay inside me as long as you are supposed to and that when you come into this world it will be safely… and quickly! Haha J
Then I pray that as you grow as a little boy or girl that God will keep you safe and that He will give your dad and I wisdom as we make decisions and strive to teach you the way to go. I pray that you will grow not only in physical health, but spiritual. I pray that you will come to know God and His love and will accept His forgiveness of sins. I pray that you will believe in His son Jesus Christ and will except Him as your Savior and Lord. I pray that you will grow in faith and will become a light for him to the whole world. I pray that God will lead you to the right spouse and job and that whatever you do and wherever you go, you will be happy and will be a soldier for God’s kingdom.

I can’t wait to find out when you are due. It will be a while now before we know more, but know that I’m excited and that I and your dad love you very much already! 

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