Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thank you!

We can’t thank you all enough. I’ve read comments and messages as they’ve come in but only today have I been able to start processing them. At first hearing “praying for you” were just words. It was like reading “I like bread”. Words of comfort and admiration of our strength were not penetrating the pain that was numbing my emotions. I was convicted of this the other day and started to pray about my belief in the power of prayer. God has softened my heart and allowed me to accept the comfort and encouragement and gift of others’ prayers. Thank you also for your patience as I’ve wished to respond to everyone but just couldn’t keep up. I’ve spent the morning writing. I even wrote a couple pages just of main points and thoughts that I don’t want to forget to write about as I have time! Not sure if this will turn into a blog or a book! Regardless, I know it is a gift and outlet God has given me to begin to process, cope, grow, and minister to others. I’m no stronger or more spiritual than others – it is all Christ! Anything you see that strikes you as impressive is Christ! He is strength, wisdom, confidence, love… May you all continue to see Him and be amazed at who He is!

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